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We are pleased to inform you that we are inviting new dealership for our software unit from every location in India. We (Aaerm Global Services) are India’s leading & reputed Digital Marketing Company, we deals in GST ready billing software, Digital Marketing, PPC(Pay Per Click), SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SMO(Social Media Optimization), IVR(Interactive Voice Response), IT Support, Web Management, Campaign Management, BPO Support, Startup Support, Workforce Management and Report Management Services.

What is Aaerm Global Services Partner with us?

Aaerm Global Services launched Partner with us to promote and help small-scale business owners and other related vendors in India to join the online platform, helping them with the digitalization of their businesses.

Why Aaerm Global Services Partner with us?

Aaerm Global Services Partner with us gives you an opportunity to work with world fastest growing industry, where you can earn & learn with leading digital marketing company.

A Strong, Stable, Successful and Progressive Company

Aaerm Global Services gives you the confidence of dealing with a strong, stable, dynamic and fast-growing company.

It’s on time project delivery and satisfied customers and professional team are the reason behind Aaerm Global Services successful

Aaerm Global Services has extended its operation to all regions of the India & United States and now in aggressive global expansion.

Aaerm Global Services recognized & appreciated for its products and its online marketing strategies.

Aaerm Global Services Have Highly Experienced Company Leaders.

Aaerm Global Services makes you proud of working with outstanding and highly experienced company leaders.

High Exchange Value for Your Investment and High Potential Income

Aaerm Global Services offers you no risk, one-time exchange value investment with high potential income. The value exchange of your investment in the DSIP Global Pack is more than 100%. Just by joining as a DSIP executive (without doing yet the business), you are already a winner. Doing the business can even make you a phenomenal winner.

Aaerm Global Services gives you more than 100% Value exchange of your investment with a lifetime opportunity to do a home-based global business that has potential to earn.

Important Points.

  • The Digital Marketing products huge discount and free Digital Startup India Support alone give you back your investment.
  • That’s why this is no risk business investment.
  • Then on all digital products huge discount with free digital startup India support and may be considered the instant return on investment. Additionally getting AGS privilege card which provides tuition discount on digital courses.

Simple and Feasible Business/Marketing Plan.

Aaerm Global Services provides you with a simple and feasible business/marketing plan requiring no special academic/training to start.

Excellent Free Training Provided By the Company

Regular free training conducted at the company headquarters and in various business centre offices (BCOs).

Everyone who joins DSIP through AGS Partner with us is provided training resources/materials and with the support of experienced leaders. Other members regardless of team members may also avail of these resources by arrangement.

Proven Company Track Record and Successful

Aaerm Global Services makes you secure with its proven company success track record and that of its DSIPs.

Making easy & reliable to start a business with Partner with us.


  • Anyone can apply for Digital Startup India Programme.
  • Applicant must be 18+ or above.
  • Applicant must be Indian Citizen.
  • Applicant has to fill dealership application form or send us your details at which we will keep as a record in our database which will contain details like name, Phone Number, Email Address, Address, City, State of contact persons.
  • DELIVERY: Delivery will be generally made within 7-15 days from date of receipt of Yours purchase orders.
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